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DYNOVA's Service:

We adhere to the market demands, introduce advanced system service mode in actively developing International market.

  1. We have a professional research team that conduct research and develop the product according to the different requirements of customers in order to meet different customer's needs.
  2. In production control system, The DCS automatic controlling operation was applied in the whole process to ensure the company's product quality is more stable and supply is timely.
  3. We can provide free samples to client for testing purposes that have purchase intention.
  4. If you have any questions about our product, please mail us at anytime, we assure to give you a professional reply within 24 hours.
  5. After placing we will send professional documentary personnel for the whole tracking to instantly report the order progress.

SCHULTZ's Service:

The company has been engaged in research on heat transfer oil and heat transfer oil heating technology, accumulated rich experience. The company also provides following technical services to its customers:

  1. Provide consultation to customer to choose the best heat transfer oil.
  2. The proposal for heat transfer oil system drive debugging.
    • Provide reasonable suggestions and technical consultancy about the new system.
    • Provide personnel trainings, driving instructions, operation and management, system debugging notes.
  3. Online heat transfer oil analysis
    • Carry out online heat transfer oil analysis every half a year to prevent oil damage caused by contaminations, oxidation etc.
    • Put forward reasonable suggestions to improve oil quality based on results of online heat transfer oil analysis.
  4. Hydrogenation reforming regeneration of Heat Transfer Oil

S750 hydrogenated terphenyl used for more than five years have been replaced gradually, but its components include nearly 60% usable substances which should be hydrogenated under high pressure to recover original quality to be used together with newly supplemented S750 hydrogenated terphenyl heat transfer oil. Otherwise, inorganic and oxide substances in the original oil will cause loss of new oil quality quickly and shorten the service life. Hydrogenation regeneration is applied to restore the quality of the original oil and cut down running costs of the heat transfer oil remarkably.

  1. Analysis and Handling of Accidents

The company owns expertise of using high temperature heat conduction oil and rich production & practice experience, so it could assist customers with analyzing causes of heat transfer oil system accidents, provide handling suggestions and remedial measures, and solve practical problems in system operation.

  1. Emergency Goods Supply

In case of emergency demands, customers may contact the company and timely goods supply is guaranteed.

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