New High Boiling Point Solvents: Applications of Diisopropylbiphenyl and Diisopropylnaphthalene
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Solvent for coating material is usually the mixed solvent which is composed by true solvent, cosolvent and diluent. Factors like volatilization rate, solubility and cost affect its performance. Composition of mixed solvent is controlled by process conditions, such as coating drying temperature and drying period. The mixed solvent used in physically dried coating at room temperature has a composition of 45% low boiling solvent, 45% medium boiling solvent and 10% high boiling solvent.

Solvent for coating material effects the production, storage and application of coating and also has great influence to the glossiness, adhesion and surface state of coating film. 

Solvent dissolves and dilutes the film forming substance in coating, decreasing coating viscosity and facilitating the processes of painting, spraying, dipping and dripping of coating. Different coating viscosities are suitable for varied applications. Low viscosity applies to spraying and dip-coating. High viscosity is suitable for pouring, roller coating and thermal spraying. The proper selection of solvent improves coating performance.

High boiling solvent increases the storage stability of coating, prevents filming forming substances cementation and decreases the skinning of painting surface. 

Solvent improves the leveling property of coating, avoiding brush marks and coating wrinkles caused by thickness or thinness and poor brushability of coating. 

Solvent increases the wettability and permeability of coating, adding the adhesion of coating film. 

Diisopropylbiphenyl and diisopropylnaphthalene are aromatic synthetic compounds. Both of them have excellent thermal stability, good viscosity and pouring point and generally used as heat transfer fluids. Base on the excellent properties of colorless, odorless and proper viscosity, high boiling point and strong dissolvability to dyestuff, diisopropylbiphenyl and diisopropylnaphthalene are more and more used as high boiling nonpolar solvents in coating and painting fields. 

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