Product Introduction
Cyclohexylbenzene (or CHB) is a colorless transparent liquid that is soluble in alcohol, acetone, benzene and carbon tetrachloride, castor oil, normal hexane and xylene, insoluble in water and glycerinum, which is widely used in manufacturing liquid crystal, plastic and lithium battery. The purity of DYNOVA® cyclohexylbenzene is as high as 99.9%.
DYNOVA® Cyclohexylbenzene
        Name        Cyclohexylbenzene
        CAS No.        827-52-1
        Molecular Formula        C12H16
        Molecular Weight        160.3
        Appearance        Colorless Transparent Liquid
        Origin        Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
        Package        Steel Barrel or ISO Tank
        Storage        Sealed and stored in ventilative place.
Product specifications
        Appearance        Colorless Transparent Liquid        
        Color        ≤20        Hazen
        Cyclohexylbenzene Content (GC)        ≥99.9        %
        Bicyclohexyl Content (GC)        ≤0.1        %
Typical data
        Molecular Weight        160.3        
        Density (25℃)        950        kg/m3
        Flash Point        98        ℃
        Melting Point        7        ℃
        Boiling Point        240        ℃
        Refractive Index (nD20)        1.526        
        Solubility Parameters (25℃)        19.004        (J/cm3)0.5

Liquid Crystal Electronic

Cyclohexylbenzene liquid crystal material has extremely high chemical stability, photochemical stability, low viscosity and excellent physical properties, which make it to be the ideal display materials.


Organic Synthesis

Cyclohexylbenzene is used to produce phenol and cyclohexanone which are the common chemical intermediates.


High Boiling Point Solvent

The boiling point of cyclohexylbenzene is as high as 240. As a high boiling point solvent and penetrant, cyclohexylbenzene is widely used in plastic, coating and adhesive fields.


Lithium Battery

Cyclohexylbenzene is widely used in lithium battery production as an anti-overcharging additive, increasing the use safety of battery. The outstanding DYNOVA® cyclohexylbenzene has gained customers trusts all over the world. 

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