Product Introduction
Biphenyl (or diphenyl or phenylbenzene or 1,1′-biphenyl or lemonene) is an organic compound that forms colorless crystals with a distinctively pleasant smell. The biphenyl molecule consists of two connected phenyl rings. Excellent properties of DYNOVA® Biphenyl include high purity, low sulfur and low chlorine contents. With the purity as high as 99.99%, DYNOVA® Biphenyl is widely used in pharmaceutical, farm chemical and electronic industries.
DYNOVA® Biphenyl
        Name        Biphenyl
        CAS No.        92-52-4
        Molecular Formular        C12H10
        Molecular Weight        154.2
        Appearance        White Crystal
        Origin        Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
        Package        Paper, Plastic Bag or ISO Tank

        Stored in dry and  ventilative place.

        Keep away from fire, high temperature and oxidizing


Product specifications
        Apperance        White Crystal        
        Color        ≤20        Hazen
        Purity (GC)        ≥99.9        %
        Sulfur        ≤3        mg/kg
        Chlorine        ≤3        mg/kg
Typical data
        Molecular Weight        154.2        
        Relative Density (20/4℃)        1.041        
        Flash Point        113        ℃
        Crystallization Point        69        ℃
        Viscosity (100℃)        0.98        mm2/s
        Solubility Parameters (25℃)        19.383        (J/cm3)0.5
        Heat of Evaporation (200℃)        343        kJ/kg
        Heat of Fusion (70.5℃)        18.59        kJ/mol
        Refractive Index (nD77)        1.588        

Biphenyl is an important organic raw material which is widely used in following fields:

Organic Synthesis

Biphenyl is the basic material to produce crucial intermediates which are used to manufacture top grade optical brightener. Optical brighteners are chemical compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region by fluorescence. These additives are often used to enhance the appearance of color of fabric and paper, causing a "whitening" effect.

Biphenyl is used to produce benzophenone photoinitiator which creates reactive species (free radicals, cations or anions) when exposed to radiation (UV or visible). Synthetic photoinitiators are key components in photopolymers.

Biphenyl is also used to produce P-EPQ which is the phosphite ester anti-oxidant.

Medical Intermediate

Highly purified biphenyl is the crucial raw material to synthesize many medical intermediates which are used to treat rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, toothache, postoperative pain and etc.

Lithium Battery

Biphenyl is an additive used in lithium-ion battery electrolyte to prevent overcharging.

With the purity of 99.99%, DYNOVA® biphenyl is widely use in lithium battery manufacturing.

Heat Transfer Fluid

Biphenyl is also used to produce heat transfer fluids based on its good thermal stability and low vapor pressure performance.

Liquid Crystal Electronic

Biphenyl liquid crystal is one of the mostly used liquid crystal materials so far as it has excellent light stability and chemical stability.

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