Product Introduction
Diphenyl Oxide, also known as diphenyl ether, is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with a geranium smell. It is soluble in alcohol, benzene, diethyl ether and glacial acetic acid, insoluble in water. Diphenyl Oxide is widely used in organic synthesis and perfumery fields, and is also the crucial raw material for producing heat transfer fluid.
DYNOVA® Diphenyl Oxide
        Name        Diphenyl Oxide
        CAS No.        101-84-8
        Molecular Formula        C6H5OC6H5
        Molecular Weight        170.21
        Appearance        Colorless or Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
        Origin        Jiangsu Zhongneng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd
        Package        Steel Barrel or ISO Tank
        Storage        Stored in dry and ventilative place.
Product specifications
        Appearance        Colorless or Light Yellow Transparent Liquid        
        Color        ≤ 20        Hazen
        Purity (GC)        ≥99.8        %
        Phenol Content        ≤0.005        %
        Chlorine Content        ≤10        ng/μL
        Sulfur Content        ≤5        ng/μL
Typical data
        Molecular Weight       170.21        
        Relative Density (20/4℃)       1.0748        
        Flash Point       111        ℃
        Melting Point        27        ℃
        Boiling Point        257.9        ℃
        Viscosity (25℃)        3.864        mPa•s
        Solubility Parameters (25℃)        18.774        (J/cm3)0.5

Heat Transfer Fluid

Diphenyl oxide is one of the important components of biphenyl/diphenyl oxide heat transfer fluid. The optimal usage temperature range of biphenyl/diphenyl oxide fluid (SCHULTZ® S740) is 12℃400℃.



Because of its odor reminiscent of scented geranium, as well as its stability and low price, diphenyl oxide is used widely in soap perfumes, synthetic detergent and other daily perfumes.


Organic Synthesis

As the organic synthetic intermediate, diphenyl oxide is used to produce resin, surfactant and other organic products. The down-stream products of these organics could be emulgator, leveling agent, detergent and de-misting agent.


Fine Chemical Engineering

Diphenyl oxide is also widely used in producing deodorant, preservative, defoaming agent and herbicide.

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