Product Introduction
SCHULTZ® S720 is a cost efficient synthetic heat transfer fluid which can completely substitute the traditional mineral oil with excellent thermal stability, long service life and high cleanness properties. It provides long term stable heat transfer in any liquid phase systems with temperature range of -5℃~320℃.
Product Features

High Reliability —— SCHULTZ® S720 is the outstanding liquid phase synthetic heat transfer fluid which can be stably used in long term operation under 320.


Low Vapor Pressure —— SCHULTZ® S720 low vapor pressure property makes it suitable for liquid phase system demanding low pressure operation.


Strong Resistance to Oxidation —— Strong resistance to oxidation makes SCHULTZ® S720 generate less sludge, increasing system cleanness and guaranteeing the stable operation.


Excellent Price Performance —— SCHULTZ® S720 is the ideal fluid to replace the traditional mineral oil as it has better thermal properties and cost efficient. 

Typical data

    NameSCHULTZ® S720
    AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)37
    Flash Point (Open Cup) / ℃184
    Flash Point (Closed Cup) / ℃170
    Autoignition Point / ℃339
    Pour Point / ℃-27
    Density (20℃) / (kg/m3)904
    Acid Value (KOH) / (mg/g)0.01
    Carbon Residue / %0.01
    Distillation Range: 2% / ℃340
    Kinematic Viscosity / (mm2/s)             0℃550
    Optimal Applicable Range / ℃-5~320
    Allowable Maximum Operation Temperature / ℃320
    Allowable Maximum Film Temperature / ℃340

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S720, please contact our sales dept. 

SCHULTZ® S720SCHULTZ® S720 is widely used in following fields due to its excellent properties:
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is extensively used in oil and natural gas field for distillation, rectification and heat preservation processes.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 has advantages of low operation pressure, high thermal efficiency, well-distributed heating and wide temperature control range, making it completely satisfy the process requirements in coal chemical industry.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is widely used in polymerization, extension and drying process in chemical fiber and polyester manufacture.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 provides stable thermal efficiency and satisfies thermal requirements under operation temperature of 320℃ in chemical industry, including the processes of chemical synthesis, polymerization and condensation reaction, rectification, drying, distillation, concentration and fusion, extraction and heat preservation.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 takes full advantage of its excellent properties in material mixing and extrusion forming. The very low corrosiveness of SCHULTZ® S720 can effectively extends the service life of operation system facilities.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 provides excellent heating conditions to many processes in machinery industry, including electroplating, thermal treatment, spraying and drying, rolling, baking and fusion.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is usually used in steaming, boiling, frying, baking and package technology in food processing, which effectively decreases production cost and increases product quality.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is mainly used as heat transfer medium in producing and refining bioethanol, biodiesel and other liquid or gas fuels synthesized by biomass materials.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is used in the processes of synthetic reaction, rectification and concentration, fusion, condensation and extraction in pharmaceutical industry.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is used in trough collectors to collect solar power and store heat and provide energy sources to distill sea water.
  • SCHULTZ® S720 is used to warm and preserve heat in storage and transportation of some special materials avoiding low temperature blocking.
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