Product Introduction
SCHULTZ® S730 has good thermal stability and oxidization resistance with long service life. Its optimum operating temperature is -20~350℃. SCHULTZ® S730 has non-corrosiveness to industrial metal facilities. SCHULTZ®S730 is the same product as Therminol 62 and RUETASOLV BPD, which can be mixed together in any ratio.
Product Features

High Thermal Stability ——SCHULTZ® S730 has extremely excellent thermal stability with very low vapor pressure in high temperature. It can provides long lasting good service even under the condition of 350℃.

Non-corrosion ——SCHULTZ® S730 has non-corrosion to general industrial iron facilities and nonferrous metals.

Good Anti-coking——SCHULTZ® S730 has excellent ability to resist oxidation and coking, increasing the reliability of heat transfer system.

Outstanding Temperature Control ——SCHULTZ® S730 has the outstanding temperature control property which is easy for operation and management, effectively decreasing production costs and saving energy consumption.

Typical data
    NameSCHULTZ® S730
    AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
    ComponentIsopropyl Diphenyl Mixtures
    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)53
    Flash Point (Open Cup) / ℃189
    Flash Point (Closed Cup) / ℃164
    Autoignition Point/ ℃433
    Pour Point  / ℃-55
    Density (20℃)/ (kg/m3)953
    Acid Value (KOH) / (mg/g)0.01
    Carbon Residues / %0.01
    Distillation Range 2% / ℃314
    Kinematic Viscosity/(mm2/s)     0℃126
    Average Molecular Weight252
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient (200℃) / ℃0.00100
    Pumpability / ℃         2000 mm2/s-22
                             300 mm2/s-10
    Pseudocritical Temperature / ℃487
    Pseudocritical Pressure / bar15
    Pseudocritical Density / (kg/m3)269
    Optimal Applicable Range  / ℃-20-350
    Allowable Maximum Operation Temperature / ℃350
    Allowable Maximum Film Temperature / ℃380

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S730, please contact our sales dept.

SCHULTZ® S730 SCHULTZ® S730 is widely used in following fields due to its outstanding performance:
  • SCHULTZ® S730 provides stable and reliable thermal energy in processes of catalytic hydrogenation and distillation in oil and natural gas industry, effectively decreasing the production costs of petrochemicals.
  • SCHULTZ® S730 has been used in chemical industry for many years based on its excellent thermal stability and continued providing accurate heat supply for system with operation temperature in -20~340℃ ranges.
  • SCHULTZ® S730 is used as thermal storage and transmission in CSP field based on its long-lasting service life and reliable performances.
  • SCHULTZ® S730 provides accurate temperature conditions for machinery processing and casting, effectively improving the precision measure of machine products.
  • The generalizability and reliability of SCHULTZ® S730 make it very suitable for hot-pressing, extrusion, vulcanizing and artificial leather processing.
  • SCHULTZ® S730 can effectively improve material transportation conditions to avoid low temperature blocking problem of asphalt and other heavy oils.
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