Product Introduction
SCHULTZ® S760 is an excellent synthetic super high temperature heat transfer fluid with outstanding thermal stability. It provides long lasting service life in operation temperature of -20℃~350℃. SCHULTZ® S760 is the same product as Dowtherm RP and can be mixed together in any ratio.
Product Features

High Thermal Stability —— SCHULTZ® S760 is one of the most heat resistant liquid phase fluids. Its maximum operating temperature in liquid phase is as high as 350℃ due to the premium thermal stability.

Good Low Temperature Pumpability —— The great low temperature pumpability of SCHULTZ® S760 makes it easier to startup in cold areas.

Excellent Cleanness —— The low thermal degradation rate of SCHULTZ® S760 makes it difficult to produce high boilers. SCHULTZ® S760’s high cleanness and anti-coking ability constantly keep the system clean and extend its service life.

Typical data
    NameSCHULTZ® S760
    ApperanceColorless transparent liquid
    ComponentDiaryl Alkyl
    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)40
    Flash Point / ℃192
    Autoignition Point / ℃390
    Pour Point  / ℃-30
    Density (20 ℃) / (kg/m3)1026
    Acid Value (KOH) / (mg/g)0.01
    Carbon Residues / %0.01
    Distillation Range:2% / ℃330
    Kinematic Viscosity/(mm2/s)  0℃227
    Average Molecular Weight236
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient (300℃)/ ℃0.000952
    Heat of Combustion / (kJ/kg)40194
    Pseudocritical Temperature / ℃575
    Pseudocritical Pressure / bar20
    Pseudocritical Volume / (L/kg)3.4
    Optimal Applicable Range / ℃-20~350
    Allowable Maximum Operation Temperature / ℃350
    Allowable Maximum Film Temperature / ℃380

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S760, please contact our sales dept.

SCHULTZ® S760 SCHULTZ® S760 is widely used in following fields due to its excellent performance:
  • SCHULTZ® S760 completely satisfies the strict demand of polyester and chemical fiber processing based on its remarkable thermal stability.
  • SCHULTZ® S760 is also used in hot-pressing, vulcanizing and refining rubber machines due to the required high temperatures.
  • SCHULTZ® S760 is the best choice for heat transfer and storage in sea water desalination process, which is economical and efficient.
  • SCHULTZ® S760 is the ideal heat transfer fluid for many pharmaceutical manufacturers as it has relatively wide range of operation temperatures which are suitable for several steps of processing.
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