Product Introduction
SCHULTZ® S715 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid with excellent low temperature properties used in both gas and liquid phases systems. The temperature range of SCHULTZ® S715 is from -75℃~315℃. Its good pumpability at -75℃ makes it an ideal cooling medium and its high thermal stability at 315℃ makes it a remarkable heat transfer medium, too. SCHULTZ® S715 can be flexible used as cooling and heating fluid. It is the same product as THERMINOL LT and can be mixed together in any ratio.
Product Features

Super Low Temperature Fluidity——SCHULTZ® S715 has prominent low temperature fluidity and still has very low viscosity at -75℃, which is suitable for low temperature cold start and is the ideal choice for extreme cooling applications. 

Significant Heat Transfer Property——SCHULTZ® S715 has the best heat transfer coefficient among all cooling mediums due to its significant heat transfer property at -75℃.

Gas/Liquid Phase Usage——SCHULTZ® S715 can be used as liquid phase heat transfer fluid from -75℃ to 315℃ and also be used as gas phase heat transfer fluid from 181℃ to 315℃.

Outstanding Temperature Control——Heat transfer of SCHULTZ® S715 in the gas phase system provides constant heating temperature to satisfy the demand of temperature stabilization and accurate control. 

Typical data
    NameSCHULTZ® S715
    Appearance Light Yellow Transparent Liquid
    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)80
    Flash Point / ℃58
    Pour Point / ℃-81
    Autoignition Point / ℃429
    Density (20℃) / (kg/m3)865
    Atmospheric Boiling Point / ℃181
   Kinematic Viscosity / (mm2/s)       -50℃        4.18
    Total Acidity /KOH / (mg/g)0.01
    Carbon Residue / %0.01
    Optimal Applicable Range / ℃              Gas Phase181~315
                                                                Liquid Phase-75~315
    Allowable Maximum Operation Temperature / ℃315
    Allowable Maximum Film Temperature / ℃345

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S715, please contact our sales dept. 

SCHULTZ® S715 SCHULTZ® S715 is widely used in following fields due to its excellent performance:
  • SCHULTZ® S715 provides long term, stable and reliable service to chemical industry cooling and heating technologies because of its excellent low temperature fluidity and thermal stability.
  • SCHULTZ® S715 satisfies the high demand of temperature control accuracy of chemical fiber and polyester manufacture for providing constant, stable and accurate heat.
  • SCHULTZ® S715 performs well in many steps of pharmaceutical industry, including synthetic reaction, rectification concentration and fusion, condensation and extraction.
  • SCHULTZ® S715 provides cooling and heat retaining functions for some products storage and transportation.
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