Product Introduction
SCHULTZ ® S712 is the synthetic heat transfer fluid with extremely good low temperature performance and can be used as both heating and cooling mediums in the temperature range of -85℃~230℃. It is certified by NSF as the food grade heat transfer fluid and especially up to the demands of low-toxicity and odorless operating conditions. SCHULTZ ® S712 is the same product as THERMINOL D12 and can be mixed together in any ratio.
Product Features

Food Grade Fluid –– SCHULTZ ® S712 is certified by NSF(National Sanitation Foundation)as the food grade fluid and especially used in non-toxicity and odorless occasions such as food processing and pharmaceutical manufacture.


Good Low Temperature Flowability –– The superior low temperature flowability of SCHULTZ ®S712 makes it perform well in -85℃. Also, SCHULTZ ®S712 can be used as cooling medium.


Low Viscosity –– SCHULTZ ®S712 can still be transferred by centrifugal pump when temperature is as low as -85℃. The low kinematic viscosity of SCHULTZ ®S712 in cold temperature makes it to be a perfect cooling medium. 

Typical data
    NameSCHULTZ® S712

    ApperanceColorless liquid

    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)71

    Flash Point (Closed-cup) / ℃64

    Autoignition Point / ℃247

    Pour Point  / ℃<-100

    Density (20 ℃) / (kg/m3)760

    Kinematic Viscosity/(mm2/s)  -50℃15.0



    Boiling Point/ ℃193

    Thermal Expansion Coefficient (100℃) / ℃0.00112

    Pumpability/ ℃               2000-94


    Heat of Vaporization (230℃) / (kJ/kg)198

    Pseudocritical Temperature / ℃360

    Pseudocritical Pressure / bar16.2

    Pseudocritical Density / (kg/m3)229

    Optimal Applicable Range / ℃-85~230

    Maximum Bulk Temperature / ℃230

    Maximum Film Temperature / ℃245

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® S712, please contact our sales dept.

SCHULTZ® S712 SCHULTZ® S712 is widely used in following fields due to its remarkable properties:
  • SCHULTZ®S712 provides heat transfer in the temperature range of -85℃~230℃ and can be operated both as heating and cooling mediums, satisfying the different temperature requirements at the same time.
  • SCHULTZ®S712 provides stable and reliable cooling and heating support for the pharmaceutical industry based on its excellent low temperature performance.
  • SCHULTZ®S712 is the non-toxic odorless food grade heat transfer fluid and is harmless to the environment, making it the top-level fluid used in food processing.
  • SCHULTZ®S712 still has excellent viscosity in -85℃, offering stable temperature condition for super low temperature environmental testing system.
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