Product Introduction
SCHULTZ®380 is a liquid phase heat transfer fluid featured with outstanding high thermal stability and its maximum operating temperature is as high as 380℃. Comparing to other super high temperature heat transfer fluids, SCHULTZ® 380 has lower pour point, which decrease the cost of system ant-freezing facility. SCHULTZ®380 is the same product as Therminol 72 and can be mixed together in any ratio.
Product Features

Remarkable Thermal Stability – With the remarkable thermal stability, SCHULTZ ®380 can provide stable and reliable heat transfer in -10℃~380℃ for a long-term, making it a significant liquid phase heat transfer fluid.


Low Vapor Pressure – Featured with low vapor pressure, the saturated vapor pressure of SCHULTZ ®380 in 380℃ is only 0.62MPa.


Good Operation Cost – There is no need to worry about the fluid solidification during system shutdown in normal temperature as SCHULTZ ®380 has lower pour point than other super high temperature heat transfer fluids, decreasing the cost of anti-freezing facility of system.


Anti-coking – SCHULTZ ®380 is synthesized by chemical refining, effectively reducing the formation of system coking and solid particles, guaranteeing the operation safety.

Typical data
    NameSCHULTZ® 380
    ApperanceClear transparent liquid
    ComponentSynthetic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Mixture
    Moisture Content / (mg/kg)<200
    Flash Point (Open Cup) / ℃134
    Autoignition Point / ℃601
    Pour Point  / ℃-18
    Density (20 ℃) / (kg/m3)1065
    Acid Value (KOH) / (mg/g)0.01
    Kinematic Viscosity / (mm2/s) /40℃5.76
    Boiling Point / ℃271
    Pumpability / 2000 mm2/s-14
                           300 mm2/s-10
    Average Molecular Weight190
    Thermal Expansion Coefficient / ℃0.00113
    Copper Corrosion<<1a
    Dielectric Constant / 23℃3.12
    Optimal Use Range / ℃-10~380
   Maximum Bulk Temperature / ℃380
   Maximum Film Temperature / ℃400

Note: The above data are based upon test samples in laboratory, and not guaranteed for all products. For full specifications of SCHULTZ® 380, please contact our sales dept.

SCHULTZ® 380 SCHULTZ ®380 is widely used in solar-thermal new energy, polysilicon industry, petroleum refining, polyester and chemical fiber manufacturing, and fluorine silicon industry.
  • Polyester and spinning process requires 330˚C operating environment, SCHULTZ® 380 based on its excellent high temperature thermal stability, can fully meet the requirements of polyester fiber process liquid phase heat transfer process.
  • The ultra-high thermal stability and low vapor pressure of SCHULTZ® 380 can meet the demand of the high-temperature environment of the solar-thermal new energy system. Polysilicon Industry:In the synthesis of silicon tetrachloride needs to be cooled with heat transfer fluid in polysilicon industry, the temperature is maintained at 350˚C, SCHULTZ® 380’s ultra-high thermal stability provides a stable environment temperature for polysilicon synthesis.
  • The synthesis process of inorganic fluorosilicon requires temperatures above 330˚C.SCHULTZ® 380 can provide high efficiency heat in low pressure environment, has longer service life and can effectively save cost.
  • SCHULTZ 380 can be applied to the heating of light hydrocarbon separation and re-burning processes in high temperature systems. Because of its reliable security and stability, it is favored by many users.
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