Oil and Natural Gas
Heat transfer fluids have become more and more popular in processing oil and gas according to the properties of accurate temperature control and high temperature with low pressure. Our SCHULTZ® fluids can satisfy multiple heat users of different temperature requirements at the same time. Featuring simpler systems, less floor area, smaller investment, energy-saving and environment friendly operation, heat transfer fluid heating system has been wildly used in the petroleum processing industry.
  Product Overview Optimal Temperature Range
  • SCHULTZ® S760      
  • SCHULTZ® S750      
  • SCHULTZ® S740      
  • SCHULTZ® 380      
  • SCHULTZ® S730      
  • SCHULTZ® S720      
  • SCHULTZ® S718      
  • SCHULTZ® S715      
  • SCHULTZ® S712      
  • SCHULTZ® S700      
  • SCHULTZ® CC-1      
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