Chemical Industry
SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids are widely used in manufacturing and processing in chemical industry, including making farm chemicals, coating, dying and fluorine chemicals, organic silicones, polycrystalline silicones and daily chemicals, providing good production conditions for chemical synthesis, polymerization, condensation, distillation and drying, purification, fusion and extraction.
  Product Overview Optimal Temperature Range
  • SCHULTZ® S760      
  • SCHULTZ® S750      
  • SCHULTZ® S740      
  • SCHULTZ® 380      
  • SCHULTZ® S730      
  • SCHULTZ® S720      
  • SCHULTZ® S718      
  • SCHULTZ® S715      
  • SCHULTZ® S712      
  • SCHULTZ® S700      
  • SCHULTZ® CC-1      
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