Plastic and Rubber Processing
Plastic and rubber processing requires strict operating conditions, especially the accurate temperature control and well-distributed heat supply, which can effectively improve the precision and performance of the product during its modeling stages. SCHULTZ® heat transfer fluids are used in rubber and plastic production applications such as hot-pressing machines, extrusion machines, vulcanizing machines, rubber and plastic production machinery, and injection molding machines.
  Product Overview Optimal Temperature Range
  • SCHULTZ® S760      
  • SCHULTZ® S750      
  • SCHULTZ® S740      
  • SCHULTZ® 380      
  • SCHULTZ® S730      
  • SCHULTZ® S720      
  • SCHULTZ® S718      
  • SCHULTZ® S715      
  • SCHULTZ® S712      
  • SCHULTZ® S700      
  • SCHULTZ® CC-1      
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